Unbridled Changes
 at Montgomery Hollow

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The quaint farmhouse in Montgomery Hollow has been a home for close to 200 years for many people, whether related by blood or love.  Harold (Hal) and Martha Bowden instilled in their children to help others if able.  They not only preached this philosophy but practiced it as well.  From friends of family, neighbors or family needing a helping hand, the house in Montgomery Hollow was open and welcoming. All who were invited to stay were encouraged to make themselves at home and enjoy their stay.

It is important that the love, care, compassion and understanding experienced at the farm for many, continues for years to come.  Incorporating Hal’s love of horses with our love of the farm is a “win-win” situation that will benefit many.  Montgomery Hollow is a special place to our family and we believe it will be special to all who visit through our educational programs or our EAGALA programs. 

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