Unbridled Changes
 at Montgomery Hollow

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Dreamer is a coal black Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She will be starting her show career most likely in the spring of 2016.  Dreamer was born here at Montgomery Hollow almost four years ago, she is the first daughter and offspring of Grandy and her father, Hay Dare, is owned by MTSU. 

Dreamer is a very sweet girl. She loves people and will do anything you ask of her. She loves apples and she loves to stick her hoof in the water trough and splash water everywhere! She can empty 50 gallon water trough in less than 10 minutes!


Ebony is a Black Tobiano American Paint Horse mare and is about 6 years old. She is owned by our very own Roseann Shirley and her family. Ebony is a very well trained, gentle mare. She knows her fair share of tricks Roseann has taught her. Ebony is loved by all of us here at Montgomery Hollow and loves to be used for EAGALA.  She loves all interaction with anything be it human or animal. Ebony is very smart and very playful. She knows how to stand, stay, come, and follow!

Lil' Bit

Lil' Bit is a Dark Bay Tobiano Tri-colored American Paint Horse mare. She will be 12 years old in January 2015. Bit's hobbies and show career is very diverse from her starting to do Show Jumping and she has been doing Barrel Racing since she was little, she does much more stuff in between that. Her owner is Tabitha Finney's daughter, Tori, and if you are at the farm you will mostly likely see this inseparable pair either doing liberty work or even galloping up the lane! Bit is what we like to call a "lead mare." She loves to herd other horses and animals, especially cows, and has to be the boss. She has a personality all her own and loves to eat! If she is not working then she is probably eating something. Bit has had a problem with her hips ever since she was little. We have a horse chiropractor that comes out ever once in a while to pop her hips or back back into place. You can tell when Bit's hips are out because she just acts different, you can tell she is in pain and it makes us sad for her, but after she gets fixed she is right back to her old self.


Nellie is a Seal Brown Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. She is owned and loved by Mrs. Jackie and will be turning 15 in May 2015. Her daddy is our own Montgomery Count. Nellie is a very sweet-natured girl. When Nellie was about 7, Hal sold her to a friend of the family. For Nellie, it was the first time she had ever left the farm. She ended up getting very depressed and developed ulcers. Her owner brought her back to Hal because he decided she just liked it better here. When she got back she was sickly, thin, and just not in good health. About three days later, she went down in the field with a very severe case of colic and ulcers. She actually stayed down for a few weeks and now has hip problems because of this. When we finally got her up, it took us about three to four months to nurture her back to health. We had to crush up a pill and give it to her three times a day. She slowly came back to health and lived in a pasture with her daddy, Count. In 2012, one of our girls, Tori, decided to take Count to the Sumner County 4-H shows. Well, little did we know, Nellie had developed severe separation anxiety. When Tori took Count to practice, Nellie got very anxious and ended up having a bout of colic. We fought this problem for a few months and now she is happy and no longer get ulcers or anxious! This little mare has been through so much, yet, she never stops being so lovable and sweet.

To Be Continued...

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