Unbridled Changes
 at Montgomery Hollow

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Livestock Feed and Bedding

Enhancing your horse’s life is the heart of our business.  

Our business is focused on improving your horse’s health and reducing your costs.  We specialize in Producer Feeds, quality hay and premium bedding. Because of our relationship with the nutritionists at Producer Feeds, we have access to information to better your horse’s diet, whether special needs or not.

All our feed is fixed formula, no fillers and all ingredients digest easily in the horse. Most feed stores cannot make that claim regarding the feed they sell. Our feed is the best of its kind, and compared to “brand name” feeds, you will notice a lower cost for better ingredients. Barnyard Café has access to more than 25 Producer feeds, yet we built our business around three core feeds.

Premium Bedding

We buy our bedding direct from the manufacturer to ensure the lowest cost to you. 

We offer Blue Ribbon bedding and GreenTree bedding, both premium quality bedding. GreenTree is the only certified “green” bedding manufactured in the USA.

Greentree Select Flake

Greentree Easy Pick Flake

Greentree Pellet Bedding

Our Furry Friends Feed

Barnyard Café also offers a variety of dog food and cat food based on the same fixed formula, high quality ingredients and low cost implemented in the equine feed.

For more information about our

feed, bedding, hay and much more

Please contact:

Hal Bowden

Cell: 615-972-0184

Email: [email protected]

Our Feeds

Montgomery Farm Classic

A proprietary, all-purpose feed, supplying the total needs of most horses including mares in foal, colts, and event and show horses.

A great therapeutic feed designed for horses that need to lose weight, improve skeletal support, improve the function of the immune system and increase faster tissue healing.

PROformance Senior Total

A beet pulp based pelleted feed, high in vitamin and minerals, low in starch and carbs.  It helps provide that much needed weight gain in the older horses. We believe this is the best senior feed on the market and the “ole” EAGALA horses love it!

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