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Once the staff of Barnyard Café saw a horse’s life spared at a show because Equine Colic Relief was administered quickly, we knew this was a product that could change the disastrous effects of colic for horses. We also knew we had to provide other’s the opportunity to give their horse the gift of life through Equine Colic Relief.  ECR has never failed to stop a bout of normal colic and costs much less than a veterinarian. 

ECR is a blend of 11 natural ingredients that act quickly to REHYDRATE the gut, REDUCE gas pressure, RESTORE ionic solutions, and SOFTEN the impaction. The formula has been scientifically balanced to prevent overdosing. It does not require professional training to administer, saving time and money. Once administered ECR is absorbed and carried to the bowel by the blood stream, starting to work in minutes. 


“A two year old filly we have in training was down in her stall. She didn’t seem to be able to get up and was sweating and seemed to be distressed. No gut sounds. We gave her the ECR and just like the label says, within 10 minutes she had gut sounds, was walking easily and the color was back in her gums. Awesome product! We won’t be without it in our barn!”

- Tee Woolman, 3x NFR World Champ

"It is an amazing product! I have never in my lifetime seen anything that works like this! I had 2 horses colic, one right after the other. I could not hear gut sounds on either horse and within 10 minutes after they each received ECR, gut sounds returned in both. I won't be without this product ever. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- Leon Coffee, Hall of Fame Rodeo Clown

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