Unbridled Changes
 at Montgomery Hollow

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Power Tools for Kids

Do you have a child between 10-14 years of age that is struggling with respect, boundaries, anger, or relationship skills?

This 3-day workshop is designed to address these issues and more!

Through the incredible power of horses, Unbridled Changes will aid your child in discovering new ways to address these challenges and develop tools to lead a healthier more balanced life.  Our workshops are conducted by a qualified mental health professional and equine specialist.

There is an incredible power that a horse possesses to open hearts.  They give clear, relevant, truthful feedback to actions and attitudes while giving unconditional acceptance.

Horses by their very nature struggle to survive.  As prey animals they must be able to evaluate their surroundings, decide whether it is a safe environment, and remove themselves from the situation if need arises.  If they do not they may leave themselves in a very vulnerable and dangerous position.

If the attitude, mindset, and physical actions of a person are well adjusted, the horses will seemingly relax.  However, if any part does not fit how the horse perceives that person they will react in certain ways.  Some are subtle while others may be obvious reactions.  It is during this time most people recognize their problems by experiencing the reaction of the horse and begins to understand how they feel and how others “see” them.  Horses cannot lie, they cannot manipulate the situation, and they will not “pretend” everything is all right.  It may be the first time an individual experiences acceptance from an authentic source.


Where: Unbridled Changes at Montgomery Hollow 146 Montgomery Rd. Goodlettsville, TN 37072

When: Thursday, July 17, 2014 - Saturday, July 19, 2014 from 8am - 10am

Cost: $300.00 per child

Please call (615) 543-5520 to sign your child up for our workshop.  Space is limited!  If you are unable to attend this session, we can place you on a notification list for any upcoming workshops that meet your needs.

Please note:  Your child will have a notebook provided.  Please ensure they wear sunscreen.
The love of horses
Sponsor a Horse

This program is aimed at letting people bond personally with a horse without incurring the expenses of owning and housing a horse.  Each horse can be sponsored by an individual or family.  The events will be supervised by the staff of Unbridled Changes and may include activities such as: grooming, ground work, education, nutrition, and just plain 'ole horsing around.  There is a small fee per month to Sponsor a Horse.  All the income collected goes toward sponsoring individuals in the Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy program who may not otherwise be able to afford treatment.  If you prefer to sponsor a foal we will have new additions to the farm in the spring.  These horses will be able to be sponsored until they go into training around the age of 2-3.  You will be able to follow the horses during their training and show adventure online.  We have horses of all ages!  Stop on by and bring the family!

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